Country Dancing

The Scottish Country Dance class meets in the Large Church Hall on Wednesday evenings between 8.00 and 9.30pm during the winter months. The class is made up of members from Kincardine and the surrounding areas of Falkirk and the Hillfoots.

It is a mixed class ranging from raw beginners up to those of fairly high experience who have danced in demonstration teams and this has a distinct advantage in that the more experienced dancers are only too pleased to help the beginners. The members are also very fortunate in that they are taught each week to live music produced by Forbes McFarlane an accomplished accordionist. So often now a days it is not possible to have people skilled in the playing of Scottish country dance music for classes and it is a case of resorting to tape recorders or CD players

The teacher, Jane Chapman, has taken this class for many years and is happy to have the mixture of experience there is in the it. She teaches the class purely for her love of country dancing and this is obvious in her teaching methods. She is a fully certificated teacher of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society and teaches dances which are hot off the press but at the same times likes nothing better than to fall back on the traditional, well known, favourite dances from the R S C D S.

It is an extremely friendly, happy class which would like nothing better than to have more members, so, if you are looking for something to get you away from the TV for an hour and a half on a Wednesday evening, between 8.00 pm and 9.30 pm and at the same time keep the mind and body fit you will find nothing better. Age should be no problem, we have had members from the age of 16 to over 80 years old and for a small class we have a high percentage of men members. So please feel free to come along and join the fun. There are two ten week sessions each winter, running from October to December before the Christmas and January to March after the New Year. Subscription fees for each ten week period is only £10.00