Girl Guides


Guides are a group of girls aged ten and over and there are millions of us around the world!

We get together regularly to do lots of exciting things and generally have a good laugh

Guides go places, and we don’t just mean down the high street. We’re talking serious national and international travel.
Guides get a say and make things happen.
As Guides we look out for ourselves and our mates.
We also get to make great friends out of school.
Guides help people out – whether it’s a sponsored abseiling down a cliff for the local hospital, or teaming up with other young people to clean out a canal

Being a Brownie is all about having loads of fun and a huge adventure! To be a Brownie you have just got to be a girl aged between seven and 10 years old.

Brownies meet together in a Pack most weeks. The Pack is made up of small groups called Sixes. A Six is a fab group of friends that has a great time together. You have a special badge to show what Six you belong to.

The Pack is run by a Guider and a team of adult leaders. They look after you and make sure you have a great time on your Brownie Adventure.

We are a group of girls aged 5-7-years-old (4-7 in Ulster). We are the youngest in Girl guiding UK but we have the most fun!

We get together in our units once a week. Here we play games, sing songs, make things, cook up recipes and listen to stories. If it’s sunny we can do all of this outside! There’s always tons to do and it’s great seeing all your friends!
We sometimes go out to special places. If your unit has had any great days out, let us know.
Our Rainbow Guiders look after us in our unit. They are great fun! They make sure we are happy and safe.