Men’s Club

The Men’s Club was formally formed at a general meeting in March 1979 to foster friendship and fellowship amongst the men of the congregation and surrounding community. A group of men had been meeting informally for a few years prior to this as a continuation of the Men’s Club which had been one of the Kincardine Church’s organisations. In September of the same year a constitution was approved and a resolution was passed that, at the beginning of each meeting, a period of devotions in the form of a bible reading and prayer, would take place by a different member of the club on a voluntary basis.

After prolonged discussion it was also agreed that the Club would meet on Monday evenings. This continues to be the case meeting at 7.30pm, either in the small hall, for carpet bowling nights or in the Session House when speakers on a wide range of subjects, are welcomed. These meeting times remain to this day and the evenings when there are guest speakers, are usually ‘Open Nights’ when any member of the community will be made most welcome. The winter session of the Club now runs from mid-September through until the end of March when an Annual General Meeting takes place. They also try to include at least one visit to a local place of interest each session.
Since the Club’s inception, games nights have always taken place on a regular basis. This has gradually evolved to evenings of carpet bowling and currently there are four different competitions vigorously contested each session in friendly rivalry. New members are included in rinks of more experienced players and very quickly build up the skills required to compete effectively.

The annual plant sale and coffee morning has proved to be a highlight for almost thirty years, the first one having taken place in 1985. The sale is normally combined with a coffee morning and held on a Saturday in the second half of May. This has proved to be a well supported event and is now part of the local social calendar. It is the main fund raiser for the Club and helps with the purchase of bowling and other equipment and the provision of donations to the church and other charities which the Club supports.

Each year, the Club try to arrange a concert or some other form of entertainment. In the past this has included male voice choirs or musical ensembles. It also fosters relationships with other Men’s Clubs in the area with both visits to and from them on an annual basis.
Many members, who are free on Thursday afternoons during the winter, meet in the halls to play carpet bowls, share fellowship and company and have a friendly cup of tea. Any men in the community, whether attending the Monday evenings or not, would be most welcome on these afternoons.

There is a strong bond builds up amongst the members of the Men’s Club through fellowship and comradeship and Monday evenings Thursday afternoons, during the winter are looked forward to with anticipation. Annual Membership is £5.00 and £1.00 each meeting attended to cover the cost of a cup of tea.

If you would like to come along on a Monday evening or Thursday afternoon, you will be made most welcome or contact with one of the office bearers listed below, would confirm meeting venue and time for that week

President​: Peter Park, ​34 Broomknowe Drive, Kincardine. ​Tel: 01259 731414

Secretary​: Willie McKie, ​36 Broomknowe Drive, Kincardine.​Tel: 01259 730572

Treasurer​: Derek Scarlett​, 29 Kirk Brae, Kincardine.​​Tel: 01259 730487

Amended January 2014 (Original October 2003)